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Good afternoon readers! Thank you for allowing me to entertain you with sentences strung together with oddly shaped lines forming meaningful thoughts in your brain. I intend to use this journal for book/movie reviews, current-event commentary, questionable humor, and the sharing of things I find amusing (which, you may not find amusing). Intertwined in these things will be personal things that encourage such thought.

A bit about me: I've always been into human behavior. I'm always questioning why people behave a certain way. I've even made it into a sport to be able to predict how someone is going to behave based on previous observations and his or her personal background (mostly based in his or her childhood). I have an undergrad degree in English and a minor in Psychology. Psychology has always been a serious interest of mine, but through my undergrad transitions from community college to a four-year college, I found English to encompass the many, various things my Gemini personality (yes, I am also into astrology) can indulge in while earning a degree. What I mean by this is in literature I found psychology, economics, sociology, cultural diversity, religion, politics, and other factors that influence and encompass human behavior and understanding. For instance, some of my undergrad courses include Latina Literature, East Asian Literature in Translation, Ethnic American Literature; and my Psychology minor allowed me to explore courses such as Drugs and Human Behavior, Cross-Cultural Psychology, and Abnormal Psychology.

With that being said, I am very dense when it comes to common sense and cooking, but I am a fountain filled with many pennies of thoughts when it comes to people!

Many things have influenced my own train of thought throughout my time here on earth; Buddhism, Taoism, and Francis Ford Coppola are among that very long, extensive list. My personality is one of questions, and I will shamelessly ask the 5 W's all day long: who, what, when, where, and why? In fact, this part of my personality drives people around me crazy. They tend to answer with a sharp and deafening BECAUSE!

With all this being said, and it's all very much a lot of information to take in on a first entry, I would like to spend a few moments explaining my Journal title. I know, it seems like a Debby Downer kind of a title, but really, it means a lot. I wanted my title to insinuate a new beginning. I've had a web presence since 2004, but my past entries are riddled with the thoughts of a confused, slightly disturbed, angsty young adult. No one wants to read that. I'm going to attempt to minimize the angst here by 100%. And so here is my new beginning! Myself reincarnated. Not everyone knows how to start anew, and not everyone wants to- which brings me to my subtitle- Death is Inevitable. Death in American culture is taboo. We like to sweep it under the rug and pretend it's not really there. We want to be young forever. It seems like in most science-fiction/fantasy stories the evil guy/gal is on a quest to discover immortality. Yikes! Talk about a rude awakening. They're so busy trying to find the Fountain of Youth or the Deathly Hallows that they can't even enjoy the time they are here, on earth (or wherever), alive. Death is a part of life, and as the Native Mexican people's Day of the Dead, we should consider death to be as joyful as birth. It is the passing into the great beyond, or not (depending on your own ideas/faith), but either way it's unavoidable. Thus, if reincarnation and starting a new was an option for us after we pass, should we do it? Or should we be satisfied with the life we just lived?

In Greek/Roman mythology, after people die, their souls go down into Hades. In Hades, a comparable Hell and Heaven reside (probably on separate sides of the hallway). Souls can, on occasion, decide to be recycled back onto Earth, but must first drink from a lake that erases all memory of their previous life. Ah, decisions, decisions.

At the end of the day, life and death are both very real and very scary- but they don't have to be. Life is hard, and dealing with death while alive is even harder, but I'll get to attachment and its hindrances in a later entry. For now, think of this journal as a doorway that no one will push you through, but you may go through at your own will and at your own pace. You don't have to believe what I believe, or preach my thoughts, but allow them to strengthen your own. I'd like this journal to help you to open your mind and embrace the world, your world, for all its glory.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to comment. My next entry will focus on breathing and breathing techniques that help to calm and keep you grounded.

Take care!

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