May. 21st, 2013

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Sorry it's almost been a year. I purposely left dreamwidth in pursuit of other projects, but alas, here I am, again. I can't help but revisit my old DeadJournal to write more of my personal stories considering my DeadJournal has been with me for almost a decade. It's interesting; some things I kind of want to forget, yet, I can't seem to leave or delete my DeadJournal. I suppose I'm waiting for the day when DeadJournal goes bankrupt and just vanishes from cyberspace. Only then will I say, 'Ah, well, it was about that time anyway." I suppose in that way I could be defined as a victim of circumstance, which just means I am indecisive. Fine, I can live with that.

But here I am, ruining this attempt at a professional blog with a personal entry. I just can't help it, I'd rather theorize about life than give instructions. I did start blogging on blogger, but between blogger, here, DeadJournal, and my written journals, my entries get scattered.

The most recent event is that we adopted a kitty. He is all black, less than a year old, and his name is Teddy. Unfortunately it is horrible timing because my eleven-year-old scottish terrier is dying. She has a tumor in her bladder and has recently starting discharging blood from her bladder. She is lethargic as well. I think my mom is going to bring her to the vets tomorrow. It may be her last day with us, which is sad, but it is better than having her suffer. She is such a great pet. Anyway, her situation is putting extreme amounts of stress on the household. We don't want to overexcite or worry McKenzie (the terrier) while she is sick, and we need to introduce Teddy to my already existent cat, Meeko. Meeko is ten years old, and has never been around another cat. So far the interactions between Meeko and Teddy have been surprisingly successful. I don't think Meeko knows what to do with him, and Teddy is so young and naive he walks right up to Meeko and smells him. I anxiously await the day when Meeko bats Teddy in the face.

It all doesn't matter anyway, my mother is hell bent on adopting Teddy out to a friend of mine. I cried today, when my mother told me "it was just not a good time to bring in another cat," and yet, Teddy is the perfect cat. He is the cat I always wanted. He meows, he loves attention, he keeps himself busy, and he lets you rub his belly. He is the perfect cat for me. Dan keeps reminding me not to forget about Meeko, and of course I love Meeko, but Meeko is old and stubborn. He turns away when you go to pet him and he never comes when he is called. But Meeko is grandfathered in here because he has put up with my abuse for the past decade.

I really hope things work out for the best. I should get to bed. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow and the following weeks.

Until then, take care!



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